The joys and varieties of the Vodka Martini

Sep 16 2015
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Welcome to Praga Vodka! There’s nothing better on a evening than a cold refreshing Praga Vodka cocktail and, there’s no more refreshing taste than that of a Martini. It’s a cocktail that’s time tested, yet has evolved into the velvety drink that we know today. Originally a Gin drink, recent years have seen it become one predominantly ordered with vodka. It first started showing up in the late 1800’s as a mixture of half a wine glass of vermouth and the other half of Gin. In the 1950’s a vodka martini, then known as a kangaroo cocktail, was the drink […]


Praga Vodka, Vodka for the modern world

Aug 24 2015

Welcome to the Praga Vodka blog, your place for information, events, and promotions! Praga Vodka is processed through carbon filters with added silver to enhance the cleansing nature of filtration. Also used in this process is platinum filtration, as platinum in a ground state is a very active catalyst without changing it’s form, enabling it to remove a myriad of impurities. Praga Vodka owes it’s amazing palatable, smooth taste to our 7 time distillation process, as vodka’s character is determined by the grain used to make it. For mixed drinks and cocktails, there’s no more prestigious choice than Praga Vodka, […]