The heart of vodka is in drinking it!

Oct 01 2015
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When friends get together, drinks are had. When drinks are had, everyone has a good time. This is what Vodka is all about. Praga Vodka was created to make sure that when you get together with friends, there’s always a steady flow of good times.


I was at a bar with a few of my friends the other week, and as everyone started showing up I noticed an interesting trend. Everyone likes drinking with their friends, and the more friends there are, the more fun it is to drink with them! Okay, so it wasn’t a scientific study, but it’s the truest thing you’ll read all day. Drinking alone just isn’t as much fun! If alcohol is a social lubricant, then Praga Vodka is the machine grease that keeps everything moving smoothly.

We don’t drink vodka because it makes us look smart or sexy (though it certainly does), we drink because smooth, silky taste is the best thing we could ask for in a drink. A glass of Praga Vodka is smooth on the tongue and easy drinking, why should we ever settle for less? I don’t drink vodka for a burn in my mouth and throat, and I know you don’t either; so don’t drink vodka that’s not refined and palatable. Drink┬áto enjoy life, drink to enjoy friends. Drink to celebrate the ups, and to become closer to each other during the downs.

Life is fun, life is short, life is made to be enjoyed.

Drink happy my friends, Drink Praga Vodka.

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